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Nowadays there are lot of emulators to use MSX programms on modern computers (see List of MSX emulators - wikipedia). Most populair are BlueMSX, openMSX and fMSX.

If you just want to play a simple MSX game on your PC I advise fMSX. This one is not so accurate what depends the timing of the emulation, but for just playing a MSX game it is okay. Next to the normal PC and Mac version there is also a Windows Mobile version, which I am using on my mobile phone (see fMSX op Windows mobile).

EmulatieIf you want a more accurate MSX emulator on PC, I advise BlueMSX or openMSX. BlueMSX for Windows computers is the emulator which is the most used.

Because I am a Apple Macintosh user and BlueMSX is only available for windows, my review overhere is reduced to openMSX only. To my opinion it is the most reliable and best emulator for Mac OS X.

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