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Just like the famous Dutch MSX Computer Magazine used to do their magazine back in the days, I would like to review some games on my website. It doesn't matter if it are old games or new games. The games I review are most of the time favourite games and therefore I would like to tell something about it. Also could be that a certain game is reviewed because it is a great new released game. Or it is possible that there is something special to tell about a certain game for what I think is interresting for readers of my website.

I don't do a star-rating, I just say what I think is good or bad about a certain game. I hope you can agree with things I say and I hope you can comprehend a bit of my world of MSX game experience.

Enjoy this part of my website!


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  Cold Blood
  Eggerland Mystery
  Higemaru (Makaijima)
  The Goonies 'R' Good Enough
  Konami Book
  Kung-fu Acho
  Manbow 2
  Princess Quest
  Stray Cat

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