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I've got lots of different MSX computers. Ofcourse I can only use one each time. From all MSX computers the Philips NMS 8245 is still my favourite. This type of MSX I use at home and at the MSX club. My current MSX configuration looks like this;

I use a NMS 8245 MSX2 (Philips) with 128 K VRAM which is modified with a 256 K RAM internal MEMORY MAPPER and internal FM PAC soundchip. Extern I use a Mega flash ROM 64 Mb SCC+ SD cartridge (Manuel Pazos). Also a Philips NMS 1431 matrix printer is connected and sometimes I use a AC03315 mini slot expander (Ademir Carchano).

SD cards I use for data storage together with my Mega flash ROM cartridge. The Mega flash ROM cartridge I use to easily load (flash) games into the cartridge and to start them. The slot expander (4 slots) I use to easily switch slots on and off (for instance making MSX ROM dumps).

Close up NMS 8245 geheugenuitbreidingNMS 8245 MSX2

NMS 8245 MSX2

Memory Arrangement from my expanded NMS 8245

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