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I am a member of the Mariënberg MSX club. The Mariënberg MSX club is a MSX club with approximately 40 members. It's the largest and best visited MSX club of The Netherlands. Every seccond Saturday of the month there is a club day. I like it very much. The Mariënberg MSX club is visited by people with different ages from all parts of the country.

During a club day information on MSX is exchanged, games are played, hardware experiments are held and also programms are made. It's a real social event and pleasant happening. Mariënberg MSX club is the ideal place to be if you have questions about MSX; there is always someone present to help you to answer your questions.

A normal club day is from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m., but you stay free to visit the club when ever you want. A visit is without engagement, you do not have to become a member if you don't want to (first time: free / after that: € 7,50 per day / or € 50,- per year). More information about the Mariënberg MSX club you can find on: (website is in Dutch language).

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